27 June 2011

Southern Boys Do It Better: Colt Fucks Tyler

Let me start by saying this post is a little biased. I am a Texan so my viewpoint may be a little skewed but I seriously believe country boys are the cream of the crop. I mean is there any accent sexier than a country accent? I don't think so. Sex is good. Gay sex is better. Gay sex involving good ol' country boys is best. Don't believe me? Just ask Laura. Need more explicit proof? Check out "Colt Fucks Tyler" over on Southern Strokes, a website featuring exclusive content of Southern studs fucking Southern sluts. Colt spends some time working up Tyler's appetite and before you know it Tyler's hole is devouring the man's cock. WATCH. You won't be disappointed. See full story below for more pictures.

1 comment:

  1. Woof. Southern boys do it better bud, no joke.