28 July 2011

Curly-Haired Hooker Bangs Calvin Koons

The Porn Gods must be readers of Wyler Nation. Last week, I wrote about both of the sluts pictured above, separately, in entirely different posts, AND on the exact same day... Then this week rolls around and voilĂ ! The "bargain basement bottom" and the "bottom who saved a scene" appear in one incredibly HOT video together! Check out the steamy pictures in the FULL STORY below.

27 July 2011


Lindsay Lohan, who is an expert at maintaining a positive public image and is arguably the greatest ginger who ever lived, once said, "I'm tired of rumors starting... I'm tired of people lying, saying what they want about me." Lindsay, I feel your pain. I too am tired of rumors starting.

Being an unapologetic porn-maker turned porn-peddler and self-professed cum-bucket, I understand that my chosen direction in life opens me up for a lot of public scrutiny. For the most part, I'm fine with it. In order to keep happy in my line of work, you really shouldn't pay attention to what strangers say about you. But sometimes it gets hard to disregard certain things... Continue reading the FULL STORY below.

24 July 2011

Speechless: Hunter Marx, Jessie Colter, and Jayden Grey

The Titan Men of today would crush the Titan Men of 2006 in a Most Fuckable Contest. And I am a Titan Man of 2006. Just look at this recent TitanMen production starring Hunter, Jessie and Jayden. I would trade all of the scene partners I ever had at Titan for just a single night with any one of these guys (especially Jessie Colter). The scene itself is torture. Good torture. Jessie is a total cock slut for both Jayden and Hunter. This is a bottom who knows his place and knows what he was born for. Bottoms-In-Training, I highly suggest you watch this video and pay close attention to Jessie's performance, you are sure to learn a thing or two about proper cock-worshiping technique. Jayden and Hunter also shine as two verbally aggressive tops tasked to make good use of Jessie's eager holes. It seriously got me wet. Sometimes I wish I had waited a few years to get into the industry simply because the guys are so much hotter now than they were back then. Watch the trailer in the full story below.

22 July 2011

Raw Fuck Club: Colton Breeds Brandon

Brandon Hawk is a scruffy bareback bottom slut with a need for seed while Colton is a masculine dominant top who loves to breed. It's a match made in porno-heaven. Decked out in fantasy jock gear, these two don't waste anytime playing games. Colton gets straight to the point and lets Brandon know exactly what he's there for... to fill his hole with seed. Brandon has an ass that's ALWAYS begging to be used as a cum dump and Colton aggressively obliges. This is what porn should be. An uninhibited display of unwrapped carnal action. Two hot rugged men, succumbing to their most base desires. Another cum-inducing scene from the Raw Fuck Club. WATCH this video. Thank me later. More pictures and video preview in full story below.

Barely Legal Boys: Kevin Pounds Skyelr

A few days ago I asked, "What's better than a whore?" The answer of course was a cheap whore. Today I ask, What is better than a cheap whore? Answer: A cheap whore who is barely-legal. Helix Studios is built on the backs (faces, asses, dicks, and loads) of the youngest video-hookers your eyes have ever seen. Most of the boys come equipped with a long thick dick, a tight little body, and the cutest prepubescent face one could ever wish to cum on. At thirty dollars a pop, these budget prostitutes are a real bargain. I hope they never realize their true value because I want to buy one and take him home with me. More pictures and videos in the full story below.

20 July 2011

Listen Up! "Gotta Be Somebody"

Shayne Ward is a gay porn star/English pop star... Just kidding. He's not a pop star... But seriously, doesn't he look like he would fit in particularly well at Raging Stallion, Titan Men, or maybe even Raw Fuck Club? Sexy men should always be shirtless and sexy Shayne does a damn fine job at being shirtless. He does so well at it that the video is nearly fappable, the only thing missing is a scene where he whips his dick out and stuffs it down some gay boys throat. The song is...oh never mind about the song, just put your speakers on mute and enjoy, trust me, it's better that way.

19 July 2011

Dominic Ford: Sam Fucks Calvin Koons

According to Dominic Ford, Sam (the top in the scene) is "clearly" from Jersey and suggests fans of the TV show, Jersey Shore, will love this video. I'm not so sure... Maybe it's just me but I think the men of Jersey Shore aren't all that attractive to begin with and Sam looks like he's a few steps down from them.  The scene isn't a total bust though. I don't know about you, but typically a porn video's success relies much more heavily on the bottom than the top. The bottom in this video is Calvin Koons and I'd say he more than makes up for Sam's presence. Check out pictures of Calvin in the FULL STORY below.

Bargain Basement Bottom

Question: What's better than a whore? Answer: A cheap whore. ItsGonnaHurt.com and the rest of Haze Cash's network of kitschy porn-sites specialize in cheap whores. In their latest video, a white prostitute services a couple of black dudes  in exchange for a bottle of Malibu Rum and a gift certificate to Joe's Crab Shack. See FULL STORY below for more pics and video.

17 July 2011

My Ass Makes Everything Better

I apologize for my absence during the past two weeks. I hope the picture above is sufficient to make you a loyal visitor of Wyler Nation again. However, if you feel more is required of me then kindly make a suggestion by leaving a comment below.

04 July 2011

Bel Ami: Two Monster Cocks, One Hungry Boy

Have you ever seen cocks this big? My jaw dropped the instant they pulled out their super-sized schlongs. It's been so long since I've fed on big massive man meat that I'd kill just to service the dicks in this scene. I loved watching these two phallically superior tops stuff that euro-trash whore like a little piggy. But now I'm wishing I was that euro-trash whore getting stuffed. You will too. More pics and video in the full story below.

03 July 2011

Tobin & Valentino RAW: Less Than the Sum of Its Parts

Few porn films this year have a more impressive pedigree than "Tobin & Valentino RAW", produced by the studio responsible for the hottest online video in gay porn history and starring models that perfectly represent two different ideal body types. Unfortunately, the video doesn't add up. Full story below.

01 July 2011

Looking Back: Muscle Ranch 2 with Danny Roddick

Out of the 150 videos that I have created during my time in porn, only a handful truly stand out in my mind. Muscle Ranch is one those videos. My scene partner in the video... the late, great, Danny Roddick, is the reason. Danny was HOT. Not just physically but literally. I remember it was cold outside the morning of our shoot but the heat radiating off his body kept me warm. He also smelled really clean and seductive, like Lever 2000 and funnel cake. He tasted good too. Everything about him turned me on. It was as if he himself were an aphrodisiac. And although Danny was a sensitive guy (AKA a bottom), he really knew how to pound an ass hard. Mine in particular as can be witnessed in this video. The entire time I just kept thinking how lucky I was to be having sex with such a beautiful man. And how passionate of a kisser he was. And how amazing his dick felt inside me. And how I wished I was physically able to have his babies. More pics and VIDEO in the full story below.

Listen Up! "I Am Your Grandma"

This will keep you entertained for precisely one minute and three seconds. Press play.