20 July 2011

Listen Up! "Gotta Be Somebody"

Shayne Ward is a gay porn star/English pop star... Just kidding. He's not a pop star... But seriously, doesn't he look like he would fit in particularly well at Raging Stallion, Titan Men, or maybe even Raw Fuck Club? Sexy men should always be shirtless and sexy Shayne does a damn fine job at being shirtless. He does so well at it that the video is nearly fappable, the only thing missing is a scene where he whips his dick out and stuffs it down some gay boys throat. The song is...oh never mind about the song, just put your speakers on mute and enjoy, trust me, it's better that way.


  1. Hot guy. Although the song reminds me of a teenie-bopper sugar pop song, I suppose all considered, it isn't THAT bad.

    Hot shirtless camera work makes up for it!

  2. sometimes when youre lovehurt, its best to strip down to white briefs and get in the shower and touch your cock...wonder why he didnt think of that?

  3. I didn't mute it. That was stupid because I just found out that I know the words to a Nickelback song. I'm kind of upset. Luckily, lickable cum gutters cheer me up, so the whole video was sort of a wash. :)

  4. Shayne Ward, 26 years old english winner of the second series of "The X Factor" (2005).

    Listen to the Almighty Radio Remix of "Gotta Be Sombody" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLqs6WV0tGM)

    Don't miss his third fastest selling single of all time (in Great Britain) "Thats My Goal" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aQ2i2UvnCE) and the Almighty Records Coverversion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UeVPIeVfPI).

    Dance your ass off.

  5. Shayne is a great pop star.
    Dance Dance and be Happy.

  6. He does look like he would stuff his cock down some hot guys throat and enjoy it

  7. He might be looking for a career change. He was dropped from Simon Cowell's record label, not too long ago, because no one was buying his records.

    I think you would enjoy the photoshoot he did for Gay Times




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