03 July 2011

Tobin & Valentino RAW: Less Than the Sum of Its Parts

Few porn films this year have a more impressive pedigree than "Tobin & Valentino RAW", produced by the studio responsible for the hottest online video in gay porn history and starring models that perfectly represent two different ideal body types. Unfortunately, the video doesn't add up. Full story below.

Tobin is the bottom. Appealing to our desires for youth, he looks barely legal, reminiscent of the high school jock we used to/still do fantasize about. He's muscular, tanned, and smooth with an ass that looks more than gratifying. Valentino is the top. A title he personifies well. He is everything a man should look like. Rugged, scruffy, and powerful. The sheer appearance of these two models is more than enough to help any man reach climax alone but this is where the scenes' accolades end.

When it comes to performance these boys fail. They're quiet. Tobin doesn't moan. Valentino doesn't groan. The most you get is a sporadic whisper. The passion is non-existent. The activities and positions are by the numbers. In fact, they're a bit awkward. They kiss for a few spark-less seconds, Tobin keeps his eyes closed  throughout the video, and Valentino is a bit too short for the table Tobin gets fucked on. The only hot aspect of the fucking is that it's bareback but even that doesn't add much value here. They give a lackluster show that keeps the viewer more focused on their bodies instead of the sex. "Tobin & Valentino RAW", although good for a handful of masturbatory sessions, is ultimately a scene with exceptional parts that ends up a less than compelling whole.


  1. I agree with you 100%. Sound is everything to help you get into the scene with the actors. If I don't hear any moaning, I can only assume the sex is awful and the bottom doesn't feel a thing. You are still the only guy Mason, who can get me off just by hearing your moaning.

  2. Chaosmen/Bryan does give us a few duds here and there ..personally I havent seen this scene ..but Ill take your word for it though .. Chaosmen is still the BEST studio out there right now and one bad video wont keep me from watching and supporting 110% !! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY M !!

  3. I couldn't agree more with your take on this scene! I still love it - but for the reasons you point out! Tobin has an AMAZING body, and Valentino is the guy I would BEG to have fuck me - and I'm a top! But the sex is downright dull! After Valentino finishes oiling up Tobin, the magic ends.

  4. >> The shear appearance of these two models

    Ahem. Sheer, not "shear."