16 August 2011

Without Condom

New Slut On The Block: Kevin Warhol

Nothing is sexier than seeing a naked boy on his back, with his legs up in the air, and his ass spread open. Kevin Warhol, Bel-Ami's most talented cock-whore, knows this better than anyone. From watching his body of work, the viewer can easily see that Kevin isn't a typical Eastern European street hooker. He doesn't giggle like some asinine kindergartener who has no clue as to why someone's weenie is in their face. He doesn't bounce up and down on just the tip of a dick. And he certainly doesn't fake moan (like when a dick is clearly no where near, let alone inside, an ass or a mouth but for some reason the stupid whores continue to make incredibly phony sex noises). Unlike most of his counterparts, Kevin naturally knows how to properly worship a cock in all it's glory. Pictorial proof in the full story below.

04 August 2011

Fan(?) Art

I received this in my email awhile back. It isn't as good as the other drawings of me but it's still worth an Honorable Mention. Not too sure how I feel about it though. Should I be worried or flattered that I am the subject of such degrading artistry? And why am I always tied up in a public restroom?

*If you have any work of art, in any format, and you'd like to put it on Wyler Nation, feel free to send it in!

Feed The Hungry

There are millions of hungry holes in the world that suffer every day from a lack of cock. My hole has become one of them. It's been left empty and starving. It is struggling to survive. All your love and support can help to keep my hole fed with a life-sustaining supply of man-meat. Please don't let my hole go hungry for much longer. If you sign up now for just one monthly porn membership through a link on Wyler Nation, my hole will be able to feed on cock year-round.
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Would You Blow Him? Congressman Aaron Schock

Aaron Schock is currently the youngest member of the U.S. Congress. He was elected in 2008, at the age of 27, to represent Illinois's 18th District. Congressman Schock is a Republican and a Conservative Baptist. He voted against amending federal hate-crime laws to protect homosexuals and he also voted against the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". But underneath that right-wing voting record is the hottest politician in Washington history. You must see his body in the full story below.

Raw Fuck Club: Rough Bareback Muscle Sex

This is a picture of sexual assault. The kind demented perverts like me beg for. It was taken from a video of Tommy and Geoff, two hot fuckers with gym-built bodies and big dicks, who happen to enjoy fucking without a condom. Not only do they enjoy fucking without a condom but they enjoy hard, deep, aggressive (and somewhat violent) fucking... the sort that guarantees the bottom will feel it for a few days after. If that's your cup of tea, then watch this video. If you like hot sweaty bareback sex then watch this video. And if you like muscle men who get hot and sweaty while they engage in rough physical bareback sex, then seriously, watch this video. You won't be disappointed. Check out HOTTER pictures in the full story below.

02 August 2011

Man Makes the Clothes: Alexis Mabille Men's Spring/Summer 2012 Paris Fashion Show

I'm no expert on fashion but I'm willing to learn. I even took the time to read up about the creator of the provocative collection featured in the video above, Alexis Mabille. Being American, when I hear Alexis I think woman. But no, Alexis Mabille is a man. A french man from Lyon, France to be exact. And his collection, it's unisex. That's right, the reason why the clothes look so skimpy is because they are designed for women AND men. I'd say only gay men would wear this but these pieces cost an arm and a leg so these clothes are actually just for the rich. Rich Europeans anyway. And who hasn't confused a rich European for an American homosexual? I know I make that mistake all the time.

In all honesty, I do like the clothes. Or maybe I just like the boys in the clothes. I don't know. Either way it's still a much better collection than the only other unisex clothing line that I know of, which is American Apparel. Their stuff is crap. Plus Alexis definitely has better taste in models. I mean, he uses models. Real models (If you ever want to make a porn star feel ugly, make him watch the video). American Apparel uses San Franciscan hobos.

01 August 2011

A Night at the Bath House with Cameron Adams

Like me, Cameron Adams loves being the center of attention, especially when that attention is coming from a crowd of depraved strangers hellbent on abusing a helpless bottom boy. And like me, Cameron loves going to bath houses in order to get that specific kind of attention. Watch as Cameron Adams goes to Steam Works just to get beaten up, gagged, and stuffed with cock. Watch as he gets tied up, humiliated, and pounded by every man in the building. And finally, Watch as slutty Mr. Adams slurps up load after load until his gut is about to burst! This video has my tramp-stamp of approval. Check out more pictures from Cameron's excursion in the full story below.

Taylor Breeds Vander... and PISSES on him too!

The manliest man of the ChaosMen line up is surprisingly one of the sluttiest cum-sluts on planet porn. Vander. Tall, beefy, scruffy and HUNG. He has the ideal dominant top look down to a T... doesn't he? I mean, I don't jerk off to his videos, I finger myself to his videos. Imagine my surprise when I come to find out he is seemingly more of a cock-hungry bottom bitch than an ass-pounding dominant top. However, I must say it is pretty amazing and strangely arousing to watch such a brute beg for dick, beg for cum, and basically get used like a whore. The video of Taylor using Vander's hole as a cum and piss bin is a perfect example. Check it out in the full story below.

Dirty Boy Mark

Mark certainly isn't the hottest boy I've ever seen but he does have more than enough sex appeal to make my mouth water and my hole hungry. I'm a huge fan of his five o'clock shadow, his tight toned body, and his non-existent tan. And although I think it could be a few inches bigger in both length and girth, ( I like em big, who doesn't?) I am definitely a fan of his perfectly shaped, totally suckable, and bigger than average dick. I even think his big ears are sexy. Not to mention his big kissable lips, his big Jewish nose, and his big pink nipples. Seriously. I LOVE THEM. Anyway, you need to check out all of Mark's physical assets in the full story below.