01 August 2011

Taylor Breeds Vander... and PISSES on him too!

The manliest man of the ChaosMen line up is surprisingly one of the sluttiest cum-sluts on planet porn. Vander. Tall, beefy, scruffy and HUNG. He has the ideal dominant top look down to a T... doesn't he? I mean, I don't jerk off to his videos, I finger myself to his videos. Imagine my surprise when I come to find out he is seemingly more of a cock-hungry bottom bitch than an ass-pounding dominant top. However, I must say it is pretty amazing and strangely arousing to watch such a brute beg for dick, beg for cum, and basically get used like a whore. The video of Taylor using Vander's hole as a cum and piss bin is a perfect example. Check it out in the full story below.

This video definitely challenges my current pick for the hottest video in gay porn history. Both of these men are masculine, muscular, and handsome. There's a good amount of dirty talk. Vander stays rock hard the entire time he's getting a deep, hard plowing. Something that plenty of bottoms are not able to accomplish. Myself included. And just seeing Vander spread his legs for dick is enough to give me an eyegasm. Plus Taylor quenches Vander's thirsty hole with a steady stream of piss... I say HOT. What do you think? Hot or Not? Watch the video HERE and tell me.