26 September 2011

Listen Up! "Right Here"

Justin Who? It's all about Nolan Sotillo! His debut single, "Right Here", addresses the matter of troubled teen relationships. How unique. In this one of kind musical gem, Nolan sings that your current man "won't do things you want" and suggests that he himself is the one to "give you what you need".... hmmm like no holds barred anal? Because that's what I need. If you're as perverted as I am (and you are) then this music video will make your ginie tickle. Don't try to deny it. He's fuckably adorable, am I RIGHT y'all?!

03 September 2011

HOLY FUCK: Noah Brooks is Hung!

Former "New Slut On The Block" and cutest bitch-boy since Brent Corrigan is also FratBoy.com's most well equipped pitcher. That's right. Noah isn't a total bottom. Noah has a big dick and he's not afraid to use it. See more of Noah's throat stretching apparatus in the full story below.

02 September 2011

Chris Gabriel is Hotter Than Marc Dylan

Pictured above is Marc Dylan on the left and Chris Gabriel on the right. Now I know it looks like its the same musclebound stud on both sides but in this case, looks are deceiving. They are two totally different people. You see, Marc Dylan is a condom-only porn star while Chris Gabriel is an insatiable bareback-only bottom slut. Marc Dylan eloquently recites lines from a script. Chris Gabriel instinctively begs for cock from every top in sight. Marc Dylan is pretty vanilla but Chris Gabriel is into sounding, fisting, gangbangs, and piss. Marc Dylan gives lip service. Chris Gabriel takes loads. While they both are physically perfect, I think Chris would be TONS more fun to have sex with. Who would you rather hook-up with? Marc or Chris? More pictures of Chris, not Marc, in the full story below.

01 September 2011

Don't Call It a Comeback

In the past month I was lucky enough to film a scene for Falcon Studios. When they generously invited me back for one last shoot, I jumped at their offer without any hesitation. And I am certainly glad I did because they paired me with the outrageously attractive Jesse Santana. He is a SEX GOD and I worshiped him accordingly. The scene will most definitely be a cock-pleaser. With that being said, please do not mistake my soon-to-be released video for a comeback. For me, one scene in four months after years of shooting four to five scenes EVERY month, is akin to a former binge-drinking alcoholic being allowed to drink one glass of champagne after being sober for decades. It tastes real good but it's not nearly enough to say I'm back to old habits. More pictures in the FULL STORY below.