08 November 2011

Love Letter From A Billionaire's Publicist

A couple months ago I wrote about a rich beautiful thing named, Nick Hissom, who is trying to make it big in the modeling world. Last week his publicist sent me a lover letter...

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My response in the full story below.

Hi Tia,

I removed the adjective "gay" from my article and replaced it with the word, "young". I hope that is a suitable way to describe him. From what I read about him in much more notable and established magazines (like New York Magazine), I inferred that he was indeed gay. I apologize for inferring incorrectly. I didn't mean any harm by it and it was an honest mistake.

With that being said, I wouldn't call my article slanderous. You are sort of insinuating that being gay is somehow detrimental or damaging to one's modeling career. I disagree with that notion.

Also the article says nothing about Peter Brant and never has so I don't know where you got that. You must be overly conditioned to defend their strictly platonic "friendship" alongside Nick's sexuality that you just assumed it was written in my article. It wasn't.

As for Nick Hissom having relations with older adults. My article isn't suggesting that he is involved with the elderly. LEARN HOW TO READ.

Mason Wyler


  1. I sure hope the the bitch can read

  2. LOL. I'd love to see the response if you get one.


  3. you gotta love people, wouldnt be too surprised if it was a fairly generic letter that was just copy pasted. and the fact that it was sent from one email yet in her signature it has a completely different email...?

  4. Guess she runs an LLC for a reason. Wonder if she has ever been reported to the state bar for practicing/ giving legal advice withou a license?

  5. I think this is great that porn stars are held to task for their comments. Nobody should make comments on another person when it could potentially impact their career. This model is living his own life and he wasn't doing anything to garner any type of negative attention. If people make judgements like this online then they should be held responsible for whatever damage they may have caused to this person's livelihood. It isn't for us to judge whether he is gay or not. He is a very nice guy to look at and that's where it should end. I think that people who want to gossip monger need to be held accountable for their comments (most definitely ones that can be seen online).

  6. How sanctimonious Skip,

    You go to this site for content alone I assume?
    The author has a right to surmise about another model, whatever he wishes.
    It doesn't make it true or false or anything else. It's an opinion. I would note that Mason posted your opinion, why don't you give him a break for stating his?

  7. And besides: Slander is spoken; Libel is legible. One would think that anyone worth their retainer fee would know the difference.

  8. Your article infers that Mr. Hissom is gay. Yes, even after you revised it. That is what she has an issue with. Everyone has a job to do and that is what Ms. Walker is doing.

    Telling the world that someone is gay, when they are not is slander. It's also not a very nice thing to do.

    I will agree with you that he is HOT and if he wanted to get in bed with me, I wouldn't object.

    By posting her e-mail and your response on-line you are just adding fuel to the fire. When the simplest thing you could have done was to delete the post and send an apology informing Ms. Walker of that action you took.

    Hindsight is always 20/20. I know it sounds like I'm the enemy but I am really on your side and don't want to see you get into trouble. Living life is complicated enough.

    A word to the wise...NEVER respond to an e-mail or letter when you are upset or emotional, it will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the ass.

  9. Aw, Mason, you're so naive it's cute. I read the original post and read the letter, and here's what I got out of it.

    Nick Hissom is gay.
    Peter Brant is gay.
    Peter Brant is older.
    Peter Brant is Nick Hissom's sugar daddy.
    Peter Brant knows some lawyers.

    It was your use of the term "sugar daddy" that made me suspicious. So I googled up Peter Brant, and sure enough, he's rich, older, and married. All I can say is that it was pretty stupid of them to give me this impression, since (1) Nick and Peter are just good friends and (2) I'd never heard of them before.

  10. This is the problem, we as a community keep falling into the same trap. By saying that calling someone gay is slander, we are agreeing that being gay is somehow wrong, dirty, or evil. Is it slanderous to accuse someone of being heterosexual? I don't think anyone would think it was.

  11. Is she implying that Peter Brant is gay? Would Mr. Brant appreciate that she included his name in such a way as to imply that there were rumours that young Mr. Hissom and he were having a homosexual love affair? Any threat of legal action she makes against you, is now overshadowed by her more egregious mistake of 1. revealing that rumours already exist of a gay affair between her client and another, older man; 2. revealed the other man's name most likely without his consent; and 3. accused you of make slanderous allegations against her client in your post, which is actually a slander against you. I would suggest that you could have mitigated any harms that she might infer by simply including a statement that the articles you read seemed to suggest that Master Nick is homosexual although no direct evidence was offered.

    As a personal opinion, let me say that if Master Nick is not a Friend of Dorothy then he gives "butch" a whole new meaning. I cannot fathom how he might be perceived as model material unless they mistook him as a new version of Twiggy.

  12. I laughed out loud when I realised what Christine wrote above. Peter Brant, you're a true sugar daddying ninja, way not to draw any attention to yourself whatsoever.

  13. ..... I like the fact that you have a contact named "Sexual Athlete" on the side :)

    But As for modeling... I would think that being gay would lessen his audience. People seem to "Gay" Is an extreme negative connotation. If he is gay less people will want him... I guess.

    How did they end up finding that anyway? I mean do they actually spend time look up articles on Nick Hissom so they can later threaten to sue people?

  14. Looks a bit like a semi-form letter. The mention of Peter Brant appears to be because of a significant number of articles on various sites showing Mr Brant looking, um, "earnest" alongside Hissom. Personally, both look like arrogant ignorant fops with a strong likelihood to snap if not handled delicately and I'd personally touch neither.

  15. Her email is from a gmail account? Very professional

  16. If I had a dollar for every phone call I got threatening to sue my company for slander, I wouldn't be answering phones. Generally, I kindly explain the difference between slander and libel (being a printed product, we can't slander someone) and suggest they hire an actual lawyer who will charge them thousands to explain the difference, then refuse to actually litigate the case.
    The great thing about libel cases is that they have to prove you're WRONG before they can get money from you. Good look with that one, PR lady.

  17. Tony, I myself am gay so I'll speak with no bias.

    It may be a double standard to be sued for being misdiagnosed as gay before heterosexual, but let's be a little realistic: homosexuality is discriminated against. In the legal world where most things apparently need revised, it is priority to protect individuals first from egregious attacks before ever conforming to equality.

    Calling a man gay may very quickly damage any politician's career. His success is based largely on sociable favor, and his submission to virtue is arbitrary. Heterosexuality does not have much of an audience in any society for the time being. It hurts, it sucks, but it's real. We must be sensitive to everyone's needs and quick to be honest with each other before demanding others accept our ways. Rebellious ambivalence and/or aggressive ignorance toward justice can and does always lead to the obstruction of all freedom.

    I don't think that being penalized for being mis-oriented should in any nature be criticized for its respect or acceptance (or lack thereof) toward any lifestyle; the real issue at hand is the nature of its intent and consequence which is detrimental. Consider the effects of outing a friend, then consider the even greater effect of outing a friend who isn't even of the orientation claimed. Marriages, friendships, career, and sometimes security all become at risk. It's not fair to suggest that because homosexuality is being discriminated against that anyone should fight for the right to be able to damage others with its power.

    Strategically I am never oblivious to the cards being played for I hold no responsibility or regard for mother nature's gift of discrimination, I merely play my hand. So while I enjoy the respect, strength, opportunities, and love that heterosexuals receive, I am equally eager to take my share of the freedom given to homosexuals. That being said, let's be honest, my friendships with women have on a number of occasions been tainted by their partner's insecurity and jealousy toward the chemistry we have. Accusations of infidelity adorned with gems of violence were never my cup of tea. Police reports, slander, and ignorance deserve to be punished and I would just as quickly consider it criminal to call a person heterosexual who is not as I would to slander or consider one as homosexual when their admission says otherwise.

    Peace must be created, and it's okay to submit to its fire.

  18. Another thought, its important to empower sexuality by first sanctifying it. Not everything in life needs to be honored, but this for one does.

  19. Mason, I think she was referring to 18(?) year old Peter Brant, Jr. who has admitted he's openly gay

    Where there's smoke..........

  20. She's not a lawyer and she can't type a proper business email. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

  21. Omfg... he's a model for Christ's sake, everyone is going to assume he's gay. Slanderous to a political/professional career? He gets half-naked and people take pictures of him. Like calling him gay is going to have any more of an impact than his choice of profession alone. Also, just look at him, he is totally a little gay twink.

  22. I suppose the other issue is that Google reveals she "formed" this management group of hers in 2001, yet she still doesn't have anything more than a Gmail address. You would think a professional management firm such as hers would be able to afford the annual fee for a domain name.

    So when are you gonna visit Max Sohl? You KNOW you want to do it!

  23. The problem with all this is that there's too much ignorance in our society. We need some more smart, well-educated people to stand up to the homophobic bigots out there, you can't give in to their ignorance, you just can't, because things won't imrpove by doing so. When you're smart you're able to stand up to dumb people because you have wit and logic on your side. Those are very powerful tools. Maybe if more gay people considered smarts sexy then it would certainly help. Knowledge is power.

  24. Mason says he based his comments from an article in New York magazine. If he read the article I found online, it states, 'The two are not a couple, they say. “We’re very good friends."' Why would the magazine need to spend time on that if either or both of them are straight?

  25. Hahaha!! She said rectify. That is all I have to say. :)