09 February 2012

The First Time

We met on the internet. On AOL before AOL had any competition to be exact. It was a time before having pictures of ones self was common and before the term A/S/L  was past its prime. A time when the internet was truly a fantasy land where a vast amount of people pretended to be someone that they were not, where as a young boy I was seriously putting myself at risk whenever I tried to hook up, and where I had no choice but to trust this stranger's self description if I wanted to meet him.

His name was Richard. He said he was 17. I said I was 15, but I was really 14. He said he was six feet two inches, brown hair and blue eyed. I was a mere five feet nine inches tall. He asked for my number. I typed 214-969-0111 into the message box. "Can I call you right now?"  He asked. I hesitated for a moment. I had never ever spoken to another gay kid before and just thinking about it made me nervous. Three question marks appeared in the instant message box . "Yes" I replied.

A few seconds later the phone rang. I picked up immediately for the fear of my mother answering the phone was much greater than the fear to talk to him. At first it was awkward, I didn't know what to say, I pretty much just asked the same questions I asked online, I felt a huge rush to my head and my stomach felt like it was going to burst out of my skin... But then Richard said something that made it easy for me to relax, "I'm so nervous for some reason." I then realized that we were going thru the same thing, that just because he was older it didn't mean he knew what was going on. He was just as lost and scared as I was.

The conversation got better with time and as my fear dissipated my desire to meet him grew. I started paying closer attention to his voice, he had a deep voice with a southern twang, my dick got hard just listening to him. "So when do you want to hang out?" he asked. My heart began to pound and my  dick almost exploded. "How about now?" I said.

Five minutes later I was in the shower, getting ready to meet Richard at the local movie theater.

The movie was Enemy of the State, it could of been Elmo Fucks Barney for all I cared, I just wanted to meet another young gay guy. As I stood there waiting for him all different kinds of thoughts started running thru my head... "What if he doesn't like? What if I don't like him? I hope it turns out well. I hope he won't mind my braces (yes I had braces), I hope no one watches this movie."

I know what you're thinking... "Hey Mason, weren't you worried he'd turn out to be some old troll, or that he might kidnap you, or that it could of been a gaybasher, or that he might be missing some teeth?" The truth is, I wasn't worried about any of that, I never had any experience meeting anyone online before this so I didn't yet realize that people lied online, I wasn't jaded, I had no preconceived notions of what could happen.

Lucky for me, I had no reason to worry. Richard was a bonafied stud. As he walked towards me I could feel my hands shaking... "Please like me...Please Like me..." I thought to myself. With a smile and an extended arm he greeted me, "Hi, I'm Richard."

He bought the tickets and we walked in, the theater was empty! He chose the seats in the back. We talked during the previews, about his highschool, about my friends, what he liked and what I disliked...but as soon as the lights dimmed it felt as though there was a magnetic force pulling my lips to his. I wasn't sure whether he wanted to or not but I couldn't hold back any longer. I leaned in for the kill and he leaned right into it. That kiss. That first kiss was amazing, I mean between my braces and his lack of skills it could probably be ranked in my ten worst kisses ever if we were judging off technicalities. His mouth literally swallowed my lower face. But it was my first kiss and it was with a boy, a hot boy, a hot boy with fresh breath. So that in itself is why it was so amazing to me. We locked lips for what seemed like the whole first half of the movie but I knew I wanted more.

I wanted what was in between his legs and I wanted it in my mouth.

From what my hands felt, I could tell his cock and I wanted the same thing. What can I say, I was and still am a very horny boy, I guess I was just born that way.

He speedily unzipped his jeans, my right hand went in, and discovered something huge... And I mean HUGE. My 14 year old hands could barely wrap around his thick shaft. Embarrassingly I even had some trouble pulling it out of his boxers for some reason and the guy had to whip it out himself. Seeing it out, fully erect in all its glory, was seriously a divine experience. 

Then he whispered a phrase that is forever engraved in my brain, three words that to this day still turn me on the most out of any words in the English language. In his deep southern accent with an almost demanding way he said, "Suck my dick."


It was like I had been starved for weeks and the only nutrition that was available to me was inside this boys cock and the only way to get it was to suck it out. The entire time he had his hands on the back of my head, gripping my hair, moving my head up and down on his perfectly formed circumcised cock, making me take it deeper and deeper down my throat with each thrust. It being my first time, it was a challenge just getting a few inches past the head in my mouth, I even choked a few times, but even then my own dick just got harder. I just started to get the hang of it when he all of the sudden started pumping in and out of my mouth faster and faster, I could feel his dick grow bigger and harder, and then.....and then.... my mouth was flooded with a warm strange tasting substance... salty and bittersweet....
At first I didn't know what to think of it but after the first gulp I just wanted more. Richard let out a long drawn out moan... I swallowed as fast as I could, there was so much fluid... He could of fed half of Africa....But I wasn't about to share, I devoured every damn drop.

Later that day in his old red Ford Bronco parked behind an abandoned grocery store he returned the favor, although it took me probably less than five minutes to cum, he too swallowed every drop. We hung out a few times after that but my parents found some of the emails he sent me and the fear of having to reveal my homosexuality to my family overpowered my desire to continue seeing him. Like many boys before me, I cut off ties with a hunk I adored in hopes of staying in the closet a little bit longer. But my times with Richard will never be forgotten. He was my southern stud, my high school crush, my big-dicked secret boyfriend, and he was definitely my first time. What was your first time like?


  1. Have you ever reconnected or looked for him.

  2. That was great Mason. Well I dont know if you remember my story it not. But when we talked before told ya.

    I went to boarding school I knew i was attracted to guys since elementary school. But i never acted on it. Well during my sophmore year my orginal roommate left the school. I was playing football and i was friends with the guy named Dan. well i was told he was gonna be my roomie. I had heard rumors that he was bi.

    When he first moved into the room, the first night we played truth or dare with each other. I we did stupid stuff to start then it got sexual first with show me yours ill show you mine. Put your finger in your ass.

    Dan's turn. "I dare you to let me jerk you off" I was like ok. He walked over to my bed pulled my dick out from my boxers, started to play with it. I laid back enjoying it, I didnt realize that he had started sucking me dick. I was in bliss we was doing an amazing job on my uncut cock. I was throbbing he started to rim me as well. went back to my balls teasing them and back on my dick deep throating it. I just was in awww. I told him i was gonna cum he said do it and began to swallow every drop. he said that was hot and kissed me. went back to bed.

    We hooked up nightly until he left in march. I had the best roommate a guy could as for during HS.

  3. Fucking awesome. Probably the best first time account I've read/heard.

  4. " his deep southern accent.. " ughh Mason, you're killin me!

  5. Eddie here. My first time sucking dick was with a trucker when I was 18. lol...seriously. Very cliched, I know. It was terrible. He stank and I couldn't suck his dick for long because of the stench. I had written my number on the wall in the bathroom and he called me while I was at work (retail/Kmart). I told him to pick me up on my lunchbreak. He did. I went out to the parking lot and hopped in his 18-wheeler and we found a deserted road. Like I said, I couldn't suck his dick cause it stank. I actually almost started crying. lol..Then he said he would go down on me. OMG! It was like manna from heaven. The best feeling I have ever felt. I came in his mouth within a minute and he swallowed every drop while fingering my asshole. I thought that was gross and wanted nothing to do with him. My asshole...gross. lol...I'll never forget it.

  6. Practicing your story telling?

  7. Geez...i am now envious...that is a truly unforgettable first time..either that or it was a disaster and your dressing it up extremely well

  8. It's me Richard. Would love to hang out with you again sometime.

  9. Hey guys,

    I had my first sex at the age of 14 with my uncle's business partner, he happened to be a family friend too. At that time he was 26/27. He used to love me, my brother and my sister. He was very close to our family. He somehow smelled that I like him and he gave me opportunity to kiss him, but it was me who kissed he didn't participate in the kiss that deeply, may be he was scared of other things, like if somebody somehow comes to know about this(kissing).

    He is the business partner of my uncle and had their store at the ground floor of our home. Normally, at the afternoon the store used to be closed for internal works, lunch break etc. One day I was returning from my school as it finished up earlier that day. When I came home I saw the store was closed as it was afternoon but somebody was inside. I tried to see who is inside the store. I found that guy named Shubhashish Pyne(nick name Nanaa, my uncle's business partner) sitting on his chair but there was absolutely no other place to sit in the room. All other chairs(two) were full of papers and other important things concerned with their business. I said "I wanna stay here for some time. Where can I sit ? Can I sit here on your lap ?" He said "ohh sure Babai(my nick name)." He stretched his legs apart and told me to sit there.

    As usual, I tried to kiss him on his chicks. He didn't say anything neither tried to stop me. Then slowly I started rubbing his chest. I could feel his heart bits. Still he said nothing pretending to look at some important office papers.

    I understood that I'm on the right track. He always used to keep the first two buttons of his shirts open. I inserted my hand in squeezing his nipple (right nipple by my left hand) over his vest. Then he took the papers off, as if telling me to do more. Now I put my hands inside his vest squeezed the big tits and at the same time started kissing his lips slowly.

    Suddenly he started kissing me deeply. Just unforgettable. "Close the window and the half-opened door." I just ran to do that. Then we kissed for nearly half an hour. He told me to take my pants off. He appreciated my size, he said "What the hell is that ? How can it be so huge at this age ? Wow, you must be a lucky." He took his tool out the pants. He was wearing a blue jeans and swimming costume inside(I don't know why).

    He told me "take my cock in your mouth and suck it well". I tried to do that but feeling like putting mouth on a cock. He said "don't you know one should suck for pleasure ?" I said "No, what kind of pleasure ? Is it not the pleasure only for the being sucked". He said "No Babai, it's pleasure for both." I said "If that so, would you like to suck me as well ?" He said "of course I will." He started sucking my cock.

    He was moaning so amazingly while sucking my dick. He told me "now, wanna give it a try ?" I said "OF course Nanaa." I just started sucking his middle sized tool, he kinda screemed "No no Babai, not that way, your teeth ......" I said "what happened ?" He said "I'll teach you man how to suck." He sucked me and swallowed it all. Then again kissed and we were lip-locked for 15 mins to give my cum back in my mouth.

    Later thsi man married my older sister. Then after everything stopped.

    I had it with my older brother as well, it started when I was 21. I used to like him, never could say it. He's six year older than me.

  10. Love you Mason buddy. Saw several fims of yours.

  11. That was an amazing, well-written, and incredibly HOT recount of your first experience. Thank you so much for sharing. You got a gift!