29 January 2013

Barebacking Frat Boys

I don't know why this site isn't more popular. The videos are hot as hell. The boys are muscular and masculine. For the most part they all have big beautiful dicks AND they all fuck bareback! What's even better is that they always treat the bottoms like bitches. It's kinda rapey but definitely hard-on inducing. Here's the description of their latest video:

"We found this boy at the gym and decided to invite him over for a post work-out drink. He insisted on only having one drink because he wasn't in the mood to get drunk so when he wasn’t looking, we spiked his drink with a little something extra. 30 minutes later... This slut was on his back, legs spread in the air, and moaning like a bitch in heat. He couldn’t get enough of our dicks. Something tells me he will be back for more."